[20%] The Pop Art Show 1991 - Roy Lichtenstein(로이 리히텐슈타인)
163,200원 203,000원

by Roy Lichtenstein

Published again in celebration of The Royal Academy's 250th Birthday. The RA held an important Pop Art exhibition in 1991. The eye-catching image chosen for the poster was a work by the American artist Roy Lichtenstein entitled I know how you must feel Brad dated 1963. A young audience must have been expected for this show as the poster tells us that Radio 1 was the official radio partner for the exhibition.

  • 아이템 넘버 : BRAP007
  • 제목 : The Pop Art Show 1991
  • 작가 : Roy Lichtenstein(로이 리히텐슈타인)
  • 이미지 사이즈 : 50.8 x 76.2 cm
  • 액자 사이즈 : 51 x 77 cm
  • 매트 : 없음
  • 소재 : smooth matte paper
  • 인쇄 방식 : offset print

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