250th Summer Exhibition Poster, 2018

Get a taste of 2018's Summer Exhibition with this electric pink poster for our 250th celebration of “art made now” featuring Sir Joshua Reynolds, first President of the Royal Academy.

With over 1,200 works on display, this summer Grayson Perry RA coordinates the biggest, brightest and most colourful Summer Exhibition yet, in our 250th annual celebration of “art made now”.

The exhibition poster reflects the exciting mix that makes up the show, with works by internationally renowned artists, new talent and first-time exhibitors.

  • 아이템 넘버 : BRAP010
  • 제목 : 250th Summer Exhibition Poster, 2018
  • 작가 : Grayson Perry
  • 이미지 사이즈 : 50.8 x 76.2 cm
  • 액자 사이즈 : 51 x 77 cm
  • 매트 : 없음
  • 소재 : coated art paper
  • 인쇄 방식 : offset print

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!--No Longer Available--!

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